North Coast School of Education

Administrator Induction Program


This program is designed to provide new administrators the opportunity to clear their preliminary administrative credential through a job-embedded induction experience. The program was developed in response to the state's change in how administrators clear their credentials. The prior, paper-based method is gone and has been replaced with Induction, which is founded on research and modeled on the teacher induction program.

Upon acceptance into the two-year induction program, preliminary administrators (PAs) are paired with a trained, veteran administrator who serves as their coach, in a process that is designed to be highly individualized and tailored to build on strengths and identify areas for growth. Through on-site observations, one-on-one meetings, and participation in a Professional Learning Community (PLC), the coach and the PA develop and grow the PAs Individual Induction Plan (IIP).

Additionally, these candidates will attend professional development classes and seminars, and will collect evidence that demonstrates they have applied the California Professional Standards for Educational Leadership (CPSELs) in their daily work.

SCOE’s new Administrator Induction Program is designed to:

  • Assist and support participants as they begin their administrative roles.
  • Advance the knowledge and skills of participants in relation to the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELS).
  • Help participants become effective administrators who can lead educational programs that result in success for all students

The Administrator Induction Program gives candidates an individualized induction experience based on the context of their leadership role, including one-on-one coaching by an experienced administrator. Candidates participate in ongoing formative assessment, professional development seminars, and job-alike professional learning communities designed to grow the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are essential for successful administrative leadership. Learn more about the program and access application materials below.

SCOE Administrator Induction Program Participants

Once your enrollment in the program is confirmed, you will need to register for an orientation. To learn more, please call Anna Moore at (707) 522-3209.