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NCSOE Mentor Academies

Mentor Academies are offered to teacher leaders/mentors working with or who are interested in working with participants in the North Coast Teacher Induction Program, Designated Subjects Program, Intern Support & Supervision Program, or the Permit Holders Program and satisfies the requirement of attending at least 3 Mentor Academies a year.

Click on the Mentor Academy & date you wish to attend. Note: If the link is no longer live, it means that the class is currently full and no new registrations are allowed.

Class Title
MAC301 Mentor Academy: The Foundations of Inquiry-Based Mentoring
MAC302 Mentor Academy: The Art of Observation in Mentoring
MAC303 Mentor Academy: Becoming a Super Mentor
MAC304 Mentor Academy: Mentoring for Equity in Lesson Design
MAC305 Mentor Academy: Mentoring for Collaboration
MAC306 Mentor Academy: Mentoring for the Use of Assessment with Instruction

Various options | 4:00pm - 6:00pm

with NCSOE Staff

Fees covered through district MOU.


Varies - refer to listing

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