North Coast School of Education

Intern Support and Supervision Program (ISSP)


NCSOE’s Intern Support and Supervision Program (ISSP), in partnership with accredited Intern Credential Programs and School Districts, provides Interns employed as a “teacher of record” while concurrently attending courses in an Intern Credential Program with California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) required support and supervision.

Through support and supervision, each Intern is assigned a Field Supervisor and a site-based Mentor. The Intern Credential Program assigns the Practicum Supervisor and the school site/district selects the Mentor. Both individuals help the Intern align the content from the coursework to the real-world classroom environment and facilitates the Intern’s competence of the Teacher Performance Expectations (TPE).

Interns are required by the CCTC to engage in 144 hours per year of support and supervision (plus an additional 45 hours in support of English Learners). Interns accumulate these hours through work with their Practicum Supervisors, Mentors, and by participating in district-sponsored professional development.

Mentors play a critical role in the Intern’s success. Their individualized coaching and “just in time” support are essential in guiding them through the process of developing their teaching practice. NCSOE supports Mentors by providing standards-based training grounded in theoretical research throughout the year that builds upon the Mentor’s knowledge and skills.

Upon completion of all credential requirements, including those provided through the Intern Support and Supervision Program, the Intern Credential Program recommends Interns to the CCTC for their California Preliminary Credential.

Program Eligibility

  • Completed all Intern Credential prerequisites (see Intern Credential Program Advisor for requirements specific to your credential)
  • Received an offer of employment or be contracted to serve as a “Teacher of Record”, prior to enrollment
  • Enrolled in an accredited Intern Program and have been recommended for (or received) an Intern Credential through the CCTC by one of NCSOE’s university partners listed below. (If your program is not listed please contact our office.)

If your university is partnering with NCSOE for your Intern Support and Supervision, they will notify NCSOE directly about your participation. Once NCSOE has received official notification, you will be contacted by program staff with instructions and next steps.


Please always use the same email address for each of the following NCSOE accounts:

  • NCSOE program enrollment (online enrollment form)
  • NCSOE/SCOE account (class registration for live synchronous classes)
  • Canvas account (online asynchronous coursework)

Do you need to update your email? Read these Instructions.

NCSOE sends program communications to your inbox each month through MailChimp. To make sure you receive these important messages, we recommend that you add to your contact list.

Intern Mentors must hold a valid Clear or Life Credential
aligned with the Intern’s credential type.

  1. As soon as you have been assigned to an Intern, complete the Mentor Enrollment Form. All Mentors, even if returning from a previous year, must complete the enrollment form each year. If you are mentoring more than one Intern or participating in more than one NCSOE program, please only complete the Enrollment Form once.
  2. Register for and attend a ISSP Orientation with your Intern. Visit NCSOE’s Program Calendars to find a date/time that works for you and your Intern and to register. If your Intern has already attended an Orientation through their Intern Program, they do not need to attend with you.
  3. Upon registering for your Orientation, you will receive an email confirmation instructing you on next steps. This email will provide instructions on how to access the first requirement, an online Canvas course called The Launch. This course provides an NCSOE overview that includes essential program-specific information to help get you started.
  • Intern Credentials are only valid if the Intern is continuously enrolled in an accredited Intern Credential Program and maintain employment status as a “teacher of record,”
  • The Intern Credential is restricted by subject authorization and by place of employment. If an Intern changes schools, his/her district must work with the Intern Credential Program to ensure that employment is in alignment with the Intern’s credential type, and a new Intern Agreement must be signed and uploaded to
  • Intern Credentials are generally valid for two years. Depending on individual circumstances, there are occasions when a third-year extension is authorized on an appeal basis.
  • Interns are responsible for ensuring contact information is kept up-to-date with the CCTC, NCSOE, and the Intern Credential Program.
  • Interns are encouraged to keep their own copies of all important credential-related documents.