North Coast School of Education

University-Partnered Intern Program


NCSOE’s Intern Support and Supervision Program is designed for Teacher Interns working towards attaining a California Preliminary Credential who are employed, or have an offer of employment, as a “Teacher of Record” and are enrolled in a University Intern program at one of our partner Universities*

*If your university is not listed, please contact our office.

NCSOE’s University-Partnered Intern Program integrates individualized support and assistance from Mentor Teachers with university coursework provided by a partner University and professional development provided by NCSOE and local school districts. The University assigns each Intern a University Supervisor to ensure that he/she is fully meeting University and credential program requirements. Upon completion of all program requirements, the University will recommend Interns for their California Preliminary Credential.

Important Information About Your Intern Credential

  • Intern Credentials are only valid if the Intern is continuously enrolled in the University program.
  • The Intern Credential is restricted by subject authorization and by place of employment. If an intern changes schools, his/her district must work with the University to change the employment restriction.
  • Intern credentials are generally valid for two years. Depending on individual circumstances, there are occasions when a third year extension is authorized on an appeal basis.

How to Enroll in NCSOE’s
University-Partnered Intern Support and Supervision Program

  1. To be eligible to participate, you must be enrolled in a University Intern Program and hold or have been recommended by the University for an Intern Credential.
  2. Contact your school district office or District Coordinator to find out about being matched to a Mentor Teacher. Mentors and Interns attend the required NCSOE Professional Development Seminars together and meet for a minimum of one hour per week (required 40 hours per year) during the school year.
  3. Create an NCSOE online Profile Account: All participants are required to have an NCSOE online account in order to participate. If you already have an account or SCOE login, you will need to update your account information for the new school year. Creating a NCSOE account also creates a Canvas account where participants will submit evidence of participation.
  4. Register for your NCSOE’s Professional Development Seminars through your NCSOE Profile Account. NCSOE holds three seminars during the school year (one in Fall, Winter and Spring). You and your Mentor Teacher will attend these seminars together. Please contact the Program Coordinator in your county if your seminar conflicts with University courses.
  5. Questions? Please contact the Program Coordinator assigned to your county.