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According to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, "when an institution (college, university, school district, county office of education or other entity) wants to offer one or more educator preparation programs to prepare candidates to teach or provide services in the California public schools, the institution and each of its credential programs need to become approved by the Commission. This process is called accreditation."

This process, California's educator preparation accreditation system, is designed to focus on the demonstrated competence of California's educators, and features ongoing data collection and a 7-year cycle of activities (see Accreditation Schedule and Activities link below), including at least one site visit. Success of the accreditation system is measured by the continuing viability of programs that produce effective educators for California's students. North Coast School of Education (NCSOE) stakeholders help to ensure this through the continuous improvement cycle of assessment and implementation represented in the NCSOE Unit Assessment System Cycle.

Accreditation Schedule and Activities (see Yellow Cohort for NCSOE cycle).

Accreditation Reports

Preconditions are requirements for initial and continued program approval. Unlike standards, preconditions specify requirements for program compliance. The basis for a precondition is either statute, regulations, or Commission policy. Preconditions are reviewed prior to 1) initial institutional approval, 2) initial program approval and 3) years 1 and 4 during the seven year accreditation cycle.

Program Standards address aspects of program quality and effectiveness that apply to each type of educator preparation program offered by a program sponsor. Program standards contain statements describing the nature and purpose of each standard and language that details the requirements that all approved programs must meet. Program sponsors must meet all applicable program standards before the program application may be approved by the Commission.

The Program Review process, which occurs during Year Five of the accreditation cycle, provides the Commission and the Institutional Review Team with evidence that an institution is consistently meeting program standards.

Program Annual Reports Cards (Title II)

Biennial Reports

The Biennial Report is a way for programs to demonstrate how a credential-granting institution is utilizing data to assess candidate competencies and to review its program. The biennial report processes are closely related to revised Common Standard 2 (Unit and Program Evaluation System), and revised Common Standard 9 (Assessment of Candidate Competence).

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