North Coast School of Education

"Be a Teacher" Intern Program


The “Be A Teacher” Intern Program is an alternate pathway to earning a Preliminary Teaching Credential. In our two-year state accredited Intern program, Interns are employed as teachers during the day and attend credential classes approximately two days a week while receiving ongoing support from an on-site Mentor, course Instructors, and Practicum Supervisors.

The "Be a Teacher" Intern Program is currently offering preliminary teaching credential programs for the following credential types:

  • Special Education Mild/Moderate or Moderate/Severe
  • Single Subject Math, Science or World Languages

"Be a Teacher" Program Process

Step 1: To be eligible to enroll in the “Be A Teacher” program, you must first meet the required prerequisites.

  • Hold a Bachelor’s or higher degree (official transcripts required)
  • Successfully complete the Basic Skills Requirement (commonly met through CBEST Exam) (verification required)
  • Successfully pass the CBEST Exam (California Basic Educational Skills Test) (verification required)
  • Successfully pass the CSET Exam (California Subject Exam for Teachers)
  • Attend an Information Meeting – Register here
  • Attend an Advisement Meeting to determine eligibility and develop an action plan

Step 2: After you have been accepted into the “Be A Teacher” program, you will need to:

  • Register for your pre-service courses
  • Begin meeting specific Intern Credential requirements

Step 3. After all Intern credential requirements are met, NCSOE will submit to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) a Recommendation for your Intern Credential.

Step 4. Receive “Be A Teacher” Coursework Advisement and official enrollment into the program.
You will now begin attending the Intern Program courses where you will receive ongoing coaching from an on-site Mentor, course Instructors, and a Practicum Supervisor.

Step 5. Upon successful completion of the “Be A Teacher” Intern Program, NCSOE will submit to CTC a Recommendation for your Preliminary Teaching Credential.

Intern Credential Requirements

  • Complete the 150-hour Framework for Teaching Pre-service Program
    The pre-service coursework is offered through NCSOE. The 150 hours consists of six modules and two independent study courses.
    To inquire about waiving the framework pre-service coursework based on an active preliminary or clear teaching credential, please contact Yesenia Rivas-Suarez, Registrar/Advisor, at
  • Successfully pass the CSET Exam (California Subject Examination for Teachers) that corresponds to the credential you are pursuing (verification required).
  • Complete the U.S. Constitution requirements – exam or university course (official transcripts required).
  • Provide verification of Certificate of Clearance from Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) (fingerprinting, etc.).
  • Provide verification of offer of employment as “Teacher of Record” from a partnering public district or school.