North Coast School of Education

Preliminary Administrative Credential Program


NCSOE’s one-year state accredited Preliminary Administrative Credential Program (PASC) is designed to provide educational leaders with the theoretical framework and field work to become administrators through a job-embedded experience that also prepares them to take the state-required CA Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA). NCSOE is committed to cultivating and supporting effective educators and lifelong learners for California's students. In order to ensure that NCSOE exits the high-quality professionals from their programs, NCSOE incorporates a continuous improvement cycle to support candidate learning and as a tool for assessment, evaluation, and implementation of their programs.

Program Overview

PASC's 12-month program consists of:

  • Support and guidance from a Faculty Mentor and District Advisor
  • 154 hours of face-to-face instruction (22 Saturdays /7 hours each class)
  • 20 hours of guided, synchronous work in a small, online learning seminar
  • Course specific fieldwork between each Saturday class
  • Master's degree option available through a partner university

Students who successfully complete the program are eligible to be recommended for a certificate of eligibility or a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential through the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

2021-22 PASC Course Schedule

  • Possess a valid teaching or services credential
  • Have 4 to 5 years of experience in their credential area prior to completing the program
  • Show evidence of satisfying the Basic Skills Requirement (CBEST or other CTC approved method)

To learn more about the PASC program and obtain an application, please attend one of our Information Meetings. For questions, please contact Executive Director, Jason Lea or Registrar/Advisor, Yesenia Rivas-Suarez.