North Coast School of Education

Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave Program (TPSL)


NCSOE, in partnership with accredited School Districts, provides TPSL Holders employed as a “teacher of record” and their Mentors with support and specialized training that meets the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing’s (CCTC) requirements and responsibilities (CTC leaflet CL-902).


TPSL Foundational Course

NCSOE’s online self-paced course provides TPSL Holders with the foundational skills and understanding needed to be successful in today’s classroom. This course includes:

  • Introduction to Early Orientation
    & Local Context Application
  • Classroom Management & the
    Learning Environment
  • Best Practices in Instruction &
    Individualized Education Programs
  • Human Development
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Reading and Language Arts
  • Teaching English Learners
  • Ethics and Professionalism*
  • Health, Safety and Hygiene*
  • Pedagogy

* Employing districts or agencies may have/require their own versions of these trainings; if so, it is encouraged that TPSL holders complete these site-based trainings. If not, the modules are provided at no additional cost.

Mentor Support and Training

In addition to the TPSL Foundational Course, districts are required to provide TPSL Holders with a trained site-based Mentor to help guide the TPSL Holder as they develop their teaching practice. NCSOE’s mentoring-based system supports Mentors with standards-based training grounded in theoretical research that builds upon and strengthens their ability to administer high quality and effective coaching and mentoring.


OPTION #1: Complete TPSL Program

  • The TPSL holder completes NCSOE’s Foundational Course
  • NCSOE provides Mentor support and specialized Mentor training
  • NCSOE funds back to the district the Mentor stipend

OPTION #2: TPSL Foundational Course Only

  • The TPSL holder completes NCSOE’s Foundational Course
  • The district provides the Mentor with support and training

If your district employer has requested that you participate in NCSOE's program, please contact NCSOE at for enrollment instructions and next steps.


Always use the same email address for each of the following NCSOE accounts:

  • NCSOE program enrollment (online enrollment form)
  • NCSOE/SCOE account (class registration for live synchronous classes)
  • Canvas account (online asynchronous coursework and where you track program progress/completion)

Do you need to update your email? Read these Instructions.

NCSOE sends program communications through MailChimp and Canvas. To make sure you receive these important messages, we strongly recommend that you add the following emails to your Contacts:

  • - eNews (Mailchimp)
  • - Course Notifications (Canvas)

Enrollment Steps for New and Returning Mentors:

  1. Enroll in NCSOE: As soon as you have been assigned to a mentee, complete the Mentor Enrollment Form. All Mentors, even if returning from a previous year, must complete the enrollment form each year. Only complete the Enrollment form once each year, even if you are mentoring more than one mentee in more than one NCSOE program.
  2. Complete The Launch Canvas Course: This online welcome Canvas course is updated each year and is required for both new and returning Mentors. The Launch provides important program information, updates and next steps.
  3. Attend a Program Orientation: Register for and attend a program Orientation with your mentee. (Registration will open in August 2023.)
  4. Begin meeting the Mentor Academy Requirements: Register for classes here.
    • New NCSOE Mentors: Register for and attend at least one required Mentor Academy (MAC 301, 302 or 303) during the first semester. New Mentors are required to attend all three academies by the end of the program year.
    • Returning Mentors: Register for and attend one of the following Mentor Academies during the first semester: MAC304, 305 or 306. By the end of the program year, you will need to have attended two additional Mentor Academies or professional opportunities of your choice. (If you did not attend MAC 301-303, you will be required to do this first).

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