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The North Coast School of Education (NSCOE) is a consortium comprised of many partners across the region. School districts, universities and county offices all play an important role in the success of new teachers in NCSOE’s consortium.

For information about our many partners, click on one of the partner categories listed below.

Credentials 101 Workshop

Next workshop coming in Spring 2025.

Administrators play an important role in the success of new teachers. The administrator’s encouraging and non-judgmental approach to supporting new teachers provides the teacher with a sense of collegiality and security during their critical first years in the profession.

Working together, NCSOE and school administrators provide the support and guidance Teacher Induction Candidates and Interns need in order to be successful in the classroom. According to CTC and CA Teacher Induction Program Standards, Candidates clearing their credentials work collaboratively and “in consultation with the site administrator” to develop an individual learning plan that is aligned with the Candidate’s job assignment and site/district goals within the first 60 days of their enrollment in NCTIP (Read Standards 2 & 3 of newly Commission adopted Program Standards (2015)).

It is essential that the superintendent, principal and district administrators convey to all involved parties that the credential programs are separate and distinct from the school’s legally mandated teacher evaluation cycle.

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Business Managers are a key link between NCSOE and their district, school and county office of education.

NCSOE provides funding to offset the compensation for Mentor Teachers and District Coordinators. Funding directly correlates to the number of NCSOE Teacher Induction Candidates, Interns or Permit Holders at their site and is disbursed by individual districts or sites rather than provided directly from the program to the participant. The amount is prorated for mid-year hires, partial Mentor services, and special circumstances.

A purchase order and district report is sent to the district in the spring. The district report includes a list of employees eligible to receive compensation upon completion of all program duties. We recommend including stipends as “Special Pay” on the employee’s regular paycheck to minimize the amount of state/federal taxes being withheld. An invoice/Funds Expenditure Report must be received from the district prior to the release of funds.

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Credential Analysts have an important role in supporting new and aspiring teachers. They interact with students at universities who seek certification, teachers employed at school districts, those seeking employment, and personnel involved in assigning teachers to appropriate grade levels and subject areas.

NCSOE collaborates with Credential Analysts across the region in order to better serve new teachers and district staff.

County Office of Education Credential Analyst Email
Del Norte COE Ruth Clay
Lake COE Elisha Cooley
Humboldt COE Marika Myrick
Mendocino COE Samantha Travis
Nevada COE Marea Filmer
Sonoma COE Credential Analyst
Partner University Credential Analyst Email
Dominican University (San Rafael campus) Carol Tucker
Humboldt State University Amy Lennox
Sonoma State University Veronica Duarte
University of San Francisco Helen Huynh

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The role of District Coordinators is critical to the success of the NCSOE as they provide ongoing support to all new teachers, Mentors, and aspiring teachers. District Coordinators work with district personnel to facilitate the identification of eligible new teachers while ensuring proper placement and enrollment in the appropriate credential program. They also play an important role in matching Induction Candidates, Interns and Permit Holders with high quality Mentor Teachers. (Learn more by reading the District Coordinator Job Description).

Additionally, District Coordinators are required to attend two NCSOE District Coordinator Collaboratives each year (Fall and Spring).

District Coordinator Collaborative Meetings
Register Here
Attend one meeting per semester.

Fall 2024
Wednesday, August 21, 2024 - 1:00 - 2:00pm via Zoom
- or -
Wednesday, September 11, 2024 - 3:30 - 4:30pm via Zoom

Spring 2025
Coming Soon

For questions, please contact your NCSOE Program Coordinator, Program Lead, or Project Director.

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A Human Resource Staff member is often the first person assigned to work with new teachers. Human Resource staff work closely with District Coordinators to determine the credentialing and program support needs of new teachers while matching them to the proper credential and support program.

Including information about the North Coast School of Education’s credential programs as a part of hiring procedures is an important step to ensure that all new teachers receive the support necessary to be successful as they begin their careers. NCSOE appreciates all their support in making this a smooth transition for new teachers.

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