North Coast School of Education

Teacher Induction Program


The North Coast School of Education’s (NCSOE) North Coast Teacher Induction Program (NCTIP) is a two-year, state-accredited Induction program that provides a link between the theory, knowledge and skills acquired in the Preliminary Credential Program to the realities in the classroom. NCSOE is committed to cultivating and supporting effective educators and lifelong learners for California's students. In order to ensure that NCSOE exits the high-quality professionals from their programs, NCSOE incorporates a continuous improvement cycle to support candidate learning and as a tool for assessment, evaluation, and implementation of their programs.

Through a variety of empirical, theoretical, and cultural lenses, Candidates reflect upon their teaching practice and work with a Mentor Teacher, who provides "just in time" coaching and formative assessment, NCTIP staff and colleagues to develop strategies and innovative pedagogy for a variety of 21st century educational settings. Successful completion of Induction leads to a California Clear Credential.

Note: Each credential has a unique set of standards that must be met in order to obtain a California Clear Credential.

Teacher Induction Enrollment Requirements

  • Hold a valid California Preliminary Teaching Credential with a requirement for the completion of Teacher Induction
  • Employed in a teaching position

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for Teacher Induction, please contact your county's Credential Analyst.

  1. As soon as you are hired, ask about the Teacher Induction Program available in your district/county. [Candidates Only]
  2. Talk with your Administrator or NCTIP District Coordinator about being matched to a Mentor Teacher who will coach, assess, and support you through your Induction experience. [Candidates Only]
  3. Create/update an NCSOE database account:
    All participants are required to have an NCSOE online database account in order to participate. If you already have an account or SCOE login, you will need to update your account information for the new school year.
  4. Register for a program orientation through your NCSOE account. Candidates and Mentors attend the orientation together.
  5. Complete the OPTIONAL “Starting Out Right” online course by registering through your NCSOE account. This free course will help you in successfully starting the year off right in regards to classroom set-up, grades, etc.
  6. Register for and attend your professional learning opportunities.
  7. CANDIDATES: NCSOE offers a variety of professional learning opportunities to choose from that provide in-depth learning that is aligned with your Individual Learning Plan (ILP). Mentors may choose to attend the sessions with their Candidates. Check the NCSOE website for updates on monthly offerings and register through your NCSOE account.

    MENTORS: As a part of the Mentor Academy, Mentors attend three (3) Mentor-focused professional learning classes per year (one per quarter: Fall, Winter, and Spring.) Register through your NCSOE account.

  8. Register for and attend an End-of-Year Sharecase, an end-of-year presentation of Candidate's Inquiry research based on their Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and Mentor's Self Assessment. Candidates and Mentors attend the Sharecase together. Register through your
  9. Questions? Please contact the Program Coordinator in your county.