North Coast School of Education

Permit Holders Professional Development Series


NCSOE’s Permit Holder Professional Development Series, in partnership with accredited School Districts, provides Permit Holders employed as a “teacher of record” support and specialized training that meets the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing’s (CCTC) requirements and responsibilities for employing teachers who hold a Provisional Intern Permit (PIP) or a Short Term Staff Permit (STSP) and their Mentors.

Through participation in NCSOE’s program, the district/school site assigns each Permit Holder a site-based Mentor who assists the Permit Holder in developing their personalized professional development plan.

NCSOE requires Permit Holders to engage in 144 hours per year of support and supervision (plus an additional 45 hours in support of English Learners). Permit Holders accumulate these hours through work with their Mentors and by participating in district-sponsored professional development. They then track their hours by logging them in their NCSOE database account.

Mentors play a critical role in the Permit Holder’s success. Their individualized coaching and “just in time” support are essential in guiding them through the process of developing their teaching practice. NCSOE supports Mentors by providing standards-based training grounded in theoretical research that builds upon the Mentor’s knowledge and skills.

Upon completion of the personal professional development plan and meeting licensure requirements, the Permit Holder would then apply to an education preparation program, or upon passing state tests, would be recommended by their credential agency to the CCTC for their California Preliminary Credential.

Program Eligibility

The Permit Holder must have received an offer of employment
or be contracted to serve as a “Teacher of Record”, prior to enrollment.

  1. Contact your District Coordinator to be assigned a Mentor.
  2. Create/update an NCSOE database account.
    All participants are required to have an NCSOE online database account in order to participate. If you already have an account or SCOE login, you will need to update your account information for the new school year.
  3. Register for and attend an NCSOE Orientation with your Mentor.
  4. Begin logging your required Support and Supervision hours: 144 hours of Support and Supervision / 45 hours of English Learners.

Permit Holder Mentors must hold a valid Clear or Life Credential
aligned with the Permit Holder’s credential type.

  1. As soon as you have been assigned to a Permit Holder, create/update your NCSOE database account.
    New Mentors must complete and submit a Mentor Application (see document in orange box below) to the district and upload the document to their NCSOE account; an updated application is due once every 3 years for returning Mentors.
  2. Register and attend an NCSOE Orientation with your Permit Holder. (Visit the Program Calendar for available dates and times and to register.).
  3. Complete "The Launch," an online Canvas training accessed through your NCSOE account.
    This free course is required and updated each year with new information and will help you successfully start the year off right.
  4. Register for and attend three (3) Mentor trainings (required).
    New Mentors are required to attend the foundational courses: MAC 301: The Foundations of Inquiry-Based Mentoring, MAC 302: The Art of Observation in Mentoring, and MAC 303: Becoming a Super Mentor. (See NCSOE Course Catalog for course descriptions.) Returning Mentors may select from a variety of topics offered throughout the year. (Visit the NCTIP Handbook for requirements and the Program Calendar for a list of offerings and to register.)
  5. Register for and attend an End-of-Year Sharecase. NSCOE’s Professional Learning programs culminate with a required Sharecase to reflect on personal and professional growth throughout the year. You may wish to invite your Permit Holder to attend with you, however, the Permit Holder’s attendance is optional. (Program Calendar for available dates and times and to register.)
  6. Questions? Please contact the Program Coordinator in your county.