North Coast School of Education

MAC305 Mentor Academy: Mentoring for Collaboration

Helping New Teachers with Supportive Relationships

Connected to Domain 2 of the Mentor Framework, this course focuses on how to work with new teachers in engaging with communities such as Administrators, Colleagues, Paraeducators, Parents, Families and Volunteers. Mentors gain an understanding of how to maximize the triad conversation with the Administrator (Mid-Year Check-in Meeting) as well as some skills to facilitate collaboration between teachers and parents.

Due to COVID-19, locations may be modified between in-person and online based on current county health guidelines. Please watch for future communications and confirmations should regulations change.

All participants are welcome. Please choose from the listed options available.

Various dates available | 4:00pm - 6:00pm

with NCSOE Facilitators

Program fees covered through district MOU.


Virtual via Zoom

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